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  • Ekagra Yogpeeth provides Beginners Course in Yoga for giving an insight about Yoga to the beginners who are interested to learn it. This course is the first step for understanding Yoga asanas and theory. The 200-hour Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh explores the philosophy and history behind Yoga and along with this, the course also has the Yoga asanas that you will learn while learning their effects on the human anatomy. The beginner course provided by Ekagra Yogpeeth is for those people who want to practice Yoga on a regular basis and it is also a good option for people who want to become assistant Yoga teacher. This course helps you get to know the basics of Yoga in a simple way so that it will help you to become a better yoga learner/professional. Ekagra Yogpeeth is an excellent choice for beginner’s Yoga school and Beginner’s yoga training Rishikesh, India . We have the most proficient Yoga Trainers working with us. The 200 Hour Beginner Course is a most lucrative yoga training program for the beginners who just want to join the program and learn the yoga aasans. This course is also very useful for the candidates who want to become a yoga instructor or yoga teacher or candidate who want to start a yoga class. In this course, our experts teach you all the basics of yoga and meditation methods. To become a yoga teacher, every candidate needs to learn all the concepts of yoga properly and the 200 Hour Beginner Course helps you learn all steps of yoga from basic to advance level.Our certified instructors interact with all candidates and solve their issues simply.They know when any student needs help and how we explain any topic of yoga and meditation. If you are a beginner in yoga, so our skilled instructors will help you in every manner.
  • Open for all skill levels, age groups, ethnicities and genders
  • A life changing experience of 24 days
  • Yoga Alliance accreditation.
  • Globally recognised certification.
  • Curriculum that follows international standards
  • Syllabus that covers multiple yoga styles and various yogic aspects
  • Live in harmony with nature
  • Treat your mind, body and soul with positive experiences
  • Learn under insightful masters of yoga
  • Find new connections and create new memories
  • Discover a new dimension of life
  • Secure your career and deepen your wisdom
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